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From our boutique of pre-drawn plans or a custom plan just for you, scroll down to see evertyging that you get when you buy your home plan from us.

Working Drawings:

Plans you can build with.*  

*Of course each building jurisdiction has different rules so you may need some customization to get your permit.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality is the game-changer.  Go "inside" your house plan.  Really.  With your smart phone and a simple headset (go here, scroll down)  or on an Oculus or HTC Vive system.*  It is a true revolution and you get the files to make it happen with every plan we sell.  Every one.  And remember: we have tech support to help you every step of the way.

*equipment not provided by YHP.


No one gives you as many  Before you buy.

A BIMx is a file we provide you for your tablet or smart phone so you can look at your plan inside and out to get a very different perspective.  Some people call it "doll house".  We call it amazing

Nothing like a video!  We offer this for every plan we sell... before you buy.  You will make a better decision about your plan and then understand how your new home will look better than with a floor plan alone or even with a rendering.